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13 June 2024

green eggs and ...

One of the thematic postcards I collect is EASTER

I like that this Ukrainian card shows an early spring with the tree's leaves


these green eggs are much more subdued than the other brightly painted Ukrainian eggs, but the colours remind me of the varying shades of green on the newly budding leaves

and they blend in well with the colours of some bird's eggs

pussy willows are an important tradition in Slavic Easter celebrations as the first blooms of spring
this little girl with her pussy willows and  painted red cheeks will perhaps be painting her basket of eggs next
this little girl looks rather wistful

maybe she needs

a little special delivery to cheer her up






a little bit of spring and Easter for a seasonal Thursday Postcard Hunt


Mail Adventures said...

These are great! I didn't expect Easter postcards today, and I didn't know you collect them. Some eggs are a true artwork.

Do you collect other topics on postcards?

I went for summer postcards today.

violet s said...

Yes, I also collect cats, and motels/hotels

In the Company of Me said...

I loved seeing different Easter egg designs. Each one is so creative and unique. Do you have a favourite design?

Joy said...

Beautiful cards and the first time I have seen an Easter Bunny striding along with a boiled egg. Cool collection topic.
My brain read seasonal as seasons but by happenstance I am on topic here

Lisa said...

I love all of those! I used to collect eggs, so those are lovely. I do love vintage holiday card too though, so like those too!
Mine are just the seasons, and seem so pedestrian in comparison!


violet s said...

I don't have a favourite design - they are all so beautiful.

I know this was thinking outside the box, but I wanted to show them off and wasn't sure if Easter was something others would have cards from.

marina said...

Great idea!! Nice postcards. I love the one with the bunny!