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19 May 2024

king of the belgians


a 1977 stamp of King Baudouin, also known as Boudewijn (Flemish name) and Balduin (German name) who reigned from 1951 until his death at age 63 in 1993.  As the fifth King of the Belgians, he was much more popular than his father, Leopold III.


Mail Adventures said...
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Mail Adventures said...

No wonder he was more popular than Leopold III!
Among other kings, I found a stamp of a heir of him.

Lisa said...

Other than Queen Elizabeth II, I have more stamps of Baudouin than anyone else! Not that one though.

I went a little overboard with stamps today, even winnowing them down considerably. Sorry!

viridian said...

I have no stamps to share that I scanned, sorry. I will visit everyone's blog.

marina said...

Cool profile. Tidbit: In Italian, his name is Baldovino which literally translates to "bold wine".

FinnBadger said...

Interesting profile! My stamps are here