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18 April 2024

travel on three wheels

A tuk tuk is a three wheeled bicycle with a seat in either the front or back for passengers, and an awning or umbrella for cover.


at some point, motorized tuk tuks arrived, making the trip much easier on the driver.

I've now exhausted my tuk tuk cards, so you all will be relieved to know this is a one off theme!


Joy said...

Neat collection theme.
I haven't exhausted my many bicycle cards:) here are some of them

Lisa said...

I hadn't heard of a tuk-tuk until this prompt, so thank you!

My bicycles:

Mail Adventures said...

I must have a postcard with a tuk tuk somewhere, but I was not able to find it. So, some bicycles here, including one pictures indoors.

marina said...

I'm jealous: I never received a postcard with a tuk-tuk! they are so cute