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22 February 2024


 An Edward Hopper house, alone in a bleak landscape

A bed and breakfast house in Cantabria, Spain
A bed and breakfast house in Ontario, Canada

some houses where you may want to stay for Thursday Postcard Hunt


Mail Adventures said...

I think the first one would do a good place for a bed and breakfast house, too. Hopper is a favourite artist.

You can see my houses here.

Joy said...

You never know what to expect at a Bed and Breakfast but it will be entertaining.
My houses are here

Lisa said...

Hopper may be my favorite artist, or one of.

Here are my houses...

Thank you.

marina said...

The Hopper house is the winner!!! The stone house is real and beautiful.

violet s said...

Interesting how many of you like Hopper. I find him too depressing to enjoy. (doesn't mean I don't think he's a good artist, though)

Lisa said...

Now that you mention it, they are often sad paintings. People sitting in hotel lobbies, restaurants, rooms. Even when they are together, they are alone. Lonely paintings, I guess.