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24 September 2023



Insects are not a favourite of mine, though I appreciate their benefits. And wasps are definitely not a favourite, but then you get a close up look at this little beauty, which does not sting!  They can be found in the UK and Ireland, Europe to Russia and on to China and Japan.  As is evident in this stamp, the wasp has metallic, iridescent colouration  and big, bulging compound eyes.

a rather pretty insect for Sunday Stamps


Mail Adventures said...

Not a favourite of anyone, I guess. But, when you look closely at insects, they seem fascinating creatures.

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marina said...

Pretty, but also not a favorite of mine as I am allergic to all bees and wasps.

Joy said...

Beautifully detailed, by coincidence I chose the set today. I like insects as long as they are not going to bite me, I'm a walking attraction.
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viridian said...

Sunday morning posting: