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30 April 2023



I do like this series of Alfred, Lord Tennyson stamps with his world weary look, his melancholy deeply etched on his face

Designed by Irene von Treskow showing portraits of Tennyson with  characters from his poems. The 24p portrait from around 1888 with an illustration of Vivien from his poem Vivien and Merlin painted by Sir Edward Burne Jones. The 28p portrait shows him in 1856 with an Arthur Hughes illustration, April Love, which included some lines from The Miller's Daughter when it was first exhibited.

A full, and slightly unruly, beard for Sunday Stamps


Mail Adventures said...

I like these portraits too, especially because of the characters depicted with him... not that beard! :)

A couple more of beards on this post.

violet s said...

I'm more a fan of the close shaven beard.

Joy said...

You can always rely on the Victorians for beards.
My hirsute men are here

viridian said...

I have a poet too!