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12 February 2023


The Açores are roughly 1,400 km west of Lisbon, 1,500 km northwest of Morocco, and 1,930 km southeast of Newfoundland, Canada.

There is something a little unsettling to me about living on an island in the middle of the Atlantic.

An Azores Bullfinch admiring his view on São Miguel, the largest of the Azorean islands

an island for Sunday Stamps


Mail Adventures said...

I have lived in an island for more than five years, and I have spent one month in Azores years ago... I never found it unsettling. You cannot get bored in São Miguel!

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violet s said...

Oh, it's not the possibility of boredom (I watched a travel documentary on each of the Azores islands last week that had me desperate to visit) It is the idea of being so far away from a greater land mass.

viridian said...

Here is my contribution:

FinnBadger said...

I think I might also have a feeling of isolation living in the middle of the Atlantic.

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