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01 January 2023



Temple of Artemis a Roman temple built in the 1st century AD. Artemis was the patron goddess of Jerash

Gamzigrad, Felix Romuliana an ancient Roman  imperial palace built in the 3rd century BC. Gaius Galerius dedicated the palace to his mother Romula

some antiquities for the beginning of the year 

Happy New Year


Mail Adventures said...

This might be one of my favourite themes. Not for stamps, but for studying and travelling :)

Here you have my antiquities.

And Happy New Year to everyone!

Joy said...

Love that Roman palace site, your link makes one dream of visiting the area.
My objects are here

FinnBadger said...

Great stamps from interesting countries. My stamp for today

viridian said...

Happy New Year! I have no appropriate stamps to share :-(