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30 October 2022



release the kraken
issued in 1990 and illustrated by Allan Cormack and Deborah Drew-Brook
We have the larger than life Sasquatch, the Kraken, the Werewolf and, finally, but not least, Ogopogo who is said to live in Okanagon Lake (BC)

The lake monster has been mostly described as being a serpentine creature with smooth dark skin with a large body thicker than a telephone pole and being up to 50ft in length. The monster has said to move at incredible speeds coiling it’s body in vertical undulations and propelling itself with a powerful tail. 

some scary apparitions for Sunday Stamps


Mail Adventures said...

They seem all really frightening! I had never seen these stamps.

My scary creatures are posted here.

Joy said...

Superb, the werewolf is especially spooky and 50 ft of Opopogo would be quite a sight, at a safe distance. Don't go in the water.
Darkness has come here

viridian said...

I agree the werewolf is very scary. My contribution is here: