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07 August 2022

a walk in the snow

When was the last time you built a snowman?

or maybe that is too much work



Perhaps a long walk in the woods would be refreshing


A view in Haminalahti famous for hiking trails and birdwatching


One would be lucky to find this partridge on a walk





some winter scenes for Sunday Stamps

(on this stinking hot day where it will feel like 42C with the humidity by this afternoon)


Mail Adventures said...

Last time was in 2018, before the last moving. There is not snow enough here!

My winter stamp for today is here.

By the way... I love those white landscapes!

Joy said...

Pity we can't share the heat around, its 18c where I am. Love snow clad trees, lovely winter views.
My snow is here

viridian said...

Hot here, but not as hot at you. My contribution: