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19 December 2021



Caribou, ermine, snowshoe hare, lemming, and an arctic fox hide easily in the snow with their winter coats.

These sheep have their heavy woolly coats to keep them warm as they eat on the snow covered field

The branches of these trees are able to withstand the heavy snow
for Sunday Stamps - winter

I wish everyone a safe and healthy - and happy - Christmas


  1. I've got the last stamp on a postcard, and it is very nice in person. I would buy coloured envelopes for sending my winter mail from Canada with those wonderful white stamps...

    See my winter stamps on this post.

  2. Pretty white mammals, love the name snowshoe hare. Beautiful image of welsh mountain sheep.
    My winter views are here

  3. Got some winter stamps up... here.

  4. Those mammals are cute, got a few of those stamps on post somewhere.

  5. My USA stamp is here:
    Love those CN stamps

  6. Can't match the winter coats of the snow mammals - a magnificent sheet of stamps. I had another of the GB Wintertime set -

  7. The snow mammal set is stunning!