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28 November 2021

editorial content


The editorial cartoon is the first thing I look for when reading the paper. Sometimes I like to try to guess which story of the day they choose to illustrate. They can be humorous, thought provoking, poignant, or simply a reflection of the time. After a few years, without context they can sometimes be difficult to understand. 
This set, issued in October 2021, features some well known editorial cartoonists from Canadian newspapers.
Here we have a beaver (our national animal) sitting in a ubiquitous Muskoka chair drinking a beer; another in honour of a hockey game between Russia and Canada in 1972; the relationship between US and Canada; a slightly resentful feeling of Quebecers to the rest of Canada after the 1995 referendum; and finally, a tribute to the hockey players of fatal bush crash in Humboldt.
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  1. I'm glad you explained the content of these otherwise I would have been struggling.
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  2. I haven't received any of these, but I find them brilliant.

    I added some comic characters and a couple of cartoons on this post.

  3. I'm a cartoon fan too, sometimes they can say more than a 1000 words. A nice mix.
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  4. I do like the political cartoons in newspapers....

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  5. My contribution is here: