07 November 2021

crossing point


from 1973 a bridge to Abu Dhabi. Before the Al-Maqta bridge was built in 1968 the only way to get in or out of the city was to wait for low tide and walk by foot or camel. Al Maqta means crossing point.

and from 1985, the oldest bridge in Berlin - Jungfern. It is a bascule bridge, originally built sometime around 1701 with some  remodelling and changes made in 1798 and again in the 20th century which ultimately made the moving parts of the drawbridge inoperable. Ever since, it has been a pedestrian bridge.

for Sunday Stamps - roads, train tracks, or bridges


  1. Two impressive stamps especially that form the UAE

    Mine are here - https://bit.ly/3bPWvaE

  2. These massive works of engineering always impress me.

    I uploaded some bridges too.

  3. Cute little German bridge.
    My roads and rails are here

  4. Here is my contribution:

  5. Got a bridge and some train tracks on my blog