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24 January 2021


E Pauline Johnson (1861-1913) was a Canadian poet of mixed Mohawk and English heritage.  She was a poet, writer and performer at a time when dramatic poetry readings were popular. She was one of the few female writers at the time who could make an independent living from her writings and performances. She was also the first indigenous poet to have her works published. 

Tekahionwake was her Mohawk stage name.

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Bob Scotney said...

A delightful stamp - now I shall have to check out her poetry.

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violet s said...

The Song My Paddle Sings and The Corn Husker are probably her best known poems.

Joy said...

It must be the minority of poets who can make a living from their work. I will look at your suggestions.
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Mail Adventures said...

I hadn't heard about this woman. The stamp is very beautiful.

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viridian said...

My contribution is here: