18 October 2020

red, yellow, orange

There are lots of fall colours in this fantastical beast 'coq licorne'. The original was painted by Jean Dallaire in 1952. This unicorn rooster looks a bit frighteningly ready for Hallowe'en!
Or perhaps you'd prefer to stay indoors and play with these Russian toys; one of which features a calmer, traditional rooster.

For some real fall colours, you could take a drive. These pom pom looking trees are shown at the back of the Parliament Buildings. One rarely sees such round, solidly coloured trees.
For a more realistic autumnal view you go for a walk in the woods where you might come across birches, like these painted by Tom Thomsom in 1915 which evokes a chilly, overcast day.
For Sunday Stamps - autumn colours


  1. I love the Canadian stamps. Some beautiful landscapes on them! Autumn colours are my favourite.
    See my Autumn Landscapes here.

  2. A rather piratical rooster, I like that. I love the colours in the parliament stamp.
    My autumn is here

  3. My tree is nowhere near as beautiful as that on your Canadian stamp.

    Mine's at https://bit.ly/2H1wDgt

  4. My entry is here:

  5. Great fall colors, by the way.