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21 June 2020


This topic proved harder for me than I thought it might...
But, eventually, I settled on Canadian politician Tommy Douglas (1904-1986) who formed the first democratic socialist government in North America. He is best known as the father of universal health care. Back when such things were popular (2004), he was voted 'Greatest Canadian of All Time'.
You may know his grandson, the actor Kiefer Sutherland.
This stamp shows a portrait by Yousuf Karsh

for Sunday Stamps - father figures


  1. I avoided politician as I could not associate them as father figures. But the 1946 Peace Issue from New Zealand came up trumps.
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  2. I also think it is a not-so-easy topic. But here you have my contribution!

    1. with all the men on stamps, I thought there'd be lots of choices... I was wrong.
      Of course, not all fathers are 'good' father figures!

    2. I liked the challenge of finding something for this week.

  3. Yes it was trickier than I thought too. Universal health care is worth celebrating and I always like unexpected family connections. My stamps have a health connections here

  4. I wasn't sure I would have something for today. Thanks to postcrossing, I can share a father figure from Finland.

  5. I decided to be literal: