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05 January 2020


Ventes Rago lighthouse
stamp features the statistics you need to know: location, including co-ordinates
built in 1863, 11 metres tall with a light that can be seen for 3.5 kms
the lighthouse is no longer in use, but it is open to visitors.

another octagonal brick lighthouse on the Curonian Spit is the 18 metre tall Uostadvaris built in 1876. it has been deactivated since 1986.

for Sunday Stamps - lighthouses (or windmills)


Bob Scotney said...

I had to check that this was from Lithuania. I have found a many sided lighthouse as well but these brick structures look better.
MIne are here -

Mail Adventures said...
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Mail Adventures said...

Lighthouses are among my favourite theme. But not time today, so let's me link to an already published post (Sorry if you have already seen it!):

violet s said...

I know - I keep thinking that it is Latvia.

Joy said...

Bob's comment made me think that all three of the Baltic states have a fondness for lighthouses on stamps.
How to choose between lighthouses and windmills, impossible for me so here they are

FinnBadger said...

Such unusual looking buildings, being much more used to seeing round structures.