18 August 2019

Sunday Stamps - Z

The Frankfurt Zoological Garden is described as a green oasis in the heart of the city. By the end of WWII it was in ruins, with only 20 animals left still alive. Then, Bernhard Grzimek took over as directer and was instrumental in making it one of the largest zoological gardens in Germany. It is the second oldest zoo, after Berlin, and now has over 4,500 animals.

for the letter Z - zoo

And so ends another round. We will give the alphabet a rest and next week start a round of thematics.
Please feel free to make any suggestions.


  1. My stamp is an African animal too to end the A-Z. My link http://bit.ly/2KHHF9I

    I will be missing fo a few weeks on holiday, but I will be back.

  2. I like the stylish animals on this stamps.
    Here you have my stamp for the last week of the A-Z round. I'm glad we did it again, and happy to start a different round, for a change. I hope more people will participate!

  3. Giraffes always make great pictures. My Z is here