11 August 2019

Sunday Stamps - Y

Snoopy has always been my favourite Peanuts character — doing his happy dance, or as the WWI Flying Ace on his Sopwith Camel biplane/doghouse. Snoopy began his fantasy career as a fighter pilot in 1965. I always thought his scarf was red (as it is usually shown), but this 2001 stamp has him bedecked in yellow.

And, as a bonus (while researching the colour of his scarf) it seems that during a story line from August 7-10, 1968, for the one and only time, it was revealed to be Snoopy's birthday!

August 10th

His first appearance was in October 1950, and he would have been about a year old then, so by now would be an astounding 70  — or 490 dog  — years old this weekend.

for the letter Y - yellow


  1. I also thought of Snoopy with a red scarf too. Love the stamp.

    I've found a stamp from close to home - http://bit.ly/2Mdu6Rm

  2. Now we know the Snoopy's birthday, and that he owns more than one scarf :D
    I love this character, too.

    My Y-link here.

  3. Forever young. Chocks away. My Y is here