10 March 2019

Sunday Stamps - C

2018, USA
illustrated by John Burgoyne

Meyer lemons are sweeter than true lemons with a taste that is said to have hints of mandarin orange and lime. The fruit tree was originally ornamental both in China and in the US where it was transported by Frank Meyer, an agricultural explorer, who was responsible for collecting new plant species for the US Dept. of Agriculture. How these fruits moved from ornamental to culinary is unclear.
The peak season begins in November and runs to late March ... so get yours now.
Peak season for these definitive stamps will be when postage increases.

for the letter C - citrus / citrus meyeri


  1. I'm very fond of all kind of lemons and oranges. Right now, I'm reading a book about their history in Italy and Europe. So I must love this stamp!

    Here you have my my C link.

  2. Biting a lemon makes my lips curl but this time I must admire the stamp.

    My link http://bit.ly/2XQ50uq

  3. Love the tartness of a lemon, a harmonious stamp. My C here

  4. I like the simplicity of these stamps. Well, I do like food stamps in general (cos I love food! ) Never been too fond of fruits and veggies though, just never got into the habit of eating them, though I do try to make myself to eat more of them sometimes, but nothing long-lasting unfortunately =/

    Let's see if I get this linky thing right:

    C is for coffee

  5. I love the way this lemon has been drawn/painted!
    And I love lemons as well. Bob says it correct: biting a lemon makes the lips curl - and some eyebrows frown as well - but despite of that I love lemons, they are good against sore throats, colds etc. And they look beautiful, especially on this stamp!

    My contribution of today isn't eatable (that is: by humans; some insects do love it), and you can see it here.