03 February 2019

Sunday Stamps - X

1981, Mexico, Fauna of Mexico
designer: Cesar Rojas

This colourful bird is a Trogon mexicanus, or Mountain Trogon. Its name comes from the Greek trogon which means gnawing or nibbling. This may be a reference to their tendency to gnaw into rotted trees to make their nests. The Mexicanus comes from the first place where it was collected for study. I'm sure it is just a coincidence that its primary colours are also the colours of the Mexican flag. They are also found in Guatemala and Honduras. 

for the letter X - Mexico

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  1. Beautiful bird - I should have thought of Mexico too.
    My link at http://bit.ly/2UCtMLY

  2. Wow I would love to see all those colours flying through the air. My post is not as colourful but does show another dimension here

  3. I hadn't think of MeXico for this letter...

    My link for X

  4. okay, just got home from work...
    no idea why this is (isn't) happening!
    but, we are a small, close knit group so I'm sure we will all find each other