06 January 2019

Sunday Stamps - T

1948, Trinidad and Tobago, Silver Wedding

One may wonder what is going through the minds of Queen Elizabeth and King George VI as they posed for this anniversary picture. They seem to have the same expression; perhaps sending telepathic messages to each other...
I cannot find if they ever actually visited Trinidad, though Prince Edward did visit in 1920 as did his father, George V, as a child in 1880. The current Queen Elizabeth visited for the first time in 1966.

for the letter T - Trinidad and Tobago, three cents


  1. They do have a rather intent look on their faces. A classic stamp for today.

  2. A popular omnibus issue people like to collect, its an interesting photo.

    1. and I realized too late that I've already used this image for another country! (but it's also a different colour and denomination)
      I don't actually collect them, but I do have quite a few.

  3. I must be old as I remember that silver wedding.

  4. Their expression is like the parents that are seeing the children breaking an expensive vase, but they can't do nothing because they are posing for a stamp...