19 August 2018

Sunday Stamps - A

2011 - Australia - Bush Babies Series
artist: Elise Martinson

The first bush babies series of stamps featured marsupials. He is sitting with a backdrop of golden wattle, waratah (a protea type plant that is also the emblem of NSW) and flowering gums. His flying friend is a cicada (which have certainly been sending a loud chorus around my neighbourhood these last few weeks!)

for the letter A - Australia


  1. A delightful stamp. the Koala looks so relaxed.

  2. A fun series. And I've seen that stamp before, but never noticed the cicada - thanks for pointing out that detail.

  3. I like how the detail forms a sort of hammock around the Koala bear, no wonder it is looking so chilled. As we don't have cicadas they always remind me of holidays

  4. It's always delightful to see a stamp from the Australian bush babies series. Thank you for naming the plant behind the koala :)

  5. that's just such a cute stamp! Well I just LOVE koalas in general, they are adorable!