03 June 2018

Suynday Stamps - 'P'

1953, Canada, Polar Bear
designer: John A Crosby
engraver: Silas Robert Allen

As one of the ten stamps issued for the National Wildlife series (1953-57) this polar bear is of the lowest value. They are the largest animals in the world. The scientific name is Ursus  maritimus (sea bear) and the Inuktitut name is Nanuq (Nanuk). Two thirds of the population live in Canada, but they can also be found in Greenland, Russia, Alaska and Norway (on the Svalbard archipelago)

for the letter P - polar bear


  1. Love the snow/light halo and the bear's expression. A beautifully designed stamp.

  2. It is curious to compare it with more modern polar bears issued on Canadian stamps (for instance). I think I prefer this blue colour.

  3. I love polar bears, and this is a fantastic stamp. I'm sure this bear graced many many envelopes.

  4. this bear looks both timid and kinda proud! I love polar bears too!

  5. In Norway I once had to review an exploration document on precautions to be taken in case of attacks by polar bears.
    This is a great stamp; it will be a lost to the world if these animals ever become extinct.

  6. A very handsome fella, and simple yet effective design. Its sad to read more and more frequent stories of polar bears fighting for survival...

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