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08 April 2018

Sunday Stamps - 'H'

1956, Canada
designer: James Simpkins
engraver: Silas Robert Allen

Issued in 1956 to honour the skill of Canada's amateur hockey players and the prestige they earned for international competition. 

In memory of the Humboldt Junior Hockey Team who were involved in a bus crash which killed 16 and injured 14 as they were en route to a semi-final playoff game in Saskatchewan.

for the letter H - Hockey, Humboldt


Bob Scotney said...

A fitting tribute to the Humbolt Broncos at this time.

Joy said...

So very sad, the joy of the game cut short. Hoping all other teams travelling on cold roads keep safe.

Mail Adventures said...

Nice stamps for a sad matter.

FinnBadger said...

Sad moment for the sport. I like the stamp - blue and white makes me thunk of ice.

Ana said...

I read about the accident yesterday, really sad and heartbreaking. The stamp today is a nice tribute indeed!

agi said...

very sad news...and a thoughtful tribute, may they RIP