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11 February 2018

Sunday Stamps II - 165

2018, Canada
illustration: Meimei Mao
calligraphy: Albert Ng

The Year of the Dog begins on February 16, 2018 and ends on February 4th, 2019. People born under the sign of the Dog are said to be loyal, trustworthy and easy going. (full disclosure: me!) This stamp features an eager looking little dog in front of  a Chinese lantern with the traditional red and gold colour scheme.

for the Lunar New Year in China, Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Hong Kong


Bob Scotney said...

I had to go back to 2006 for a Year of the Dog stamp.

Joy said...

A very cute dog, I like the use of the lantern.

FinnBadger said...

Nice stamp - Canada Post always does a nice job with the Lunar New Year issues.

Mail Adventures said...

It's a nice design.

Heleen said...

Beautiful and original design. Happy New Year!

Maria said...

It's an excellent choice to have this dog printed on a lantern featured on the stamp :)