03 December 2017

Sunday Stamps II - 155

2017 Russia, Literary Heritage/Russian Fables
designer: V Beltukov

The Rooster and the Pearl is a Russian fable by V.K. Trediakovsky. It also seems to be accredited to other authors, including Aesop.
"While pecking in a compost mound,
A Rooster came upon a Pearl
And cried, amazed 'What's this I found?!
It has no use in all the world'
What fools are men to treasure such
Tough grains that no one can digest
Now, barley does not shine as much,
But fills the belly. Which is best?"

Thus, often in the world of man, a fools deems useless what he does not understand

for the letter R: Russia, rooster


  1. A fine looking rooster

  2. A pearl of a stamp of this Russian rooster.

  3. Stunning stamp, and i have not heard that fable before; thangs for sharing it.

  4. A beautiful stamp!
    And I think the rooster is right. Maybe he does not understand the value of pearls, but on the other hand, pearls indeed cannot feed. It makes me think of the legend of king Midas, who almost died of starvation because all he touched into gold, even his food.

  5. Fine stamp. And I'm agree with Heleen that the rooster is right. Pearls are useless for roosters, and often for humans too.