23 July 2017

Sunday Stamps II - 136

1984, Vietnam, Halong Bay

Ha Long Bay was made a World Heritage site in 1994. There are some 1600 monolithic islets, mostly made of limestone, that has weathered over 500 million years. These stamps show Hon Dua (top) and Nui Yen Ngua (right). The name Ha Long (or sometimes Halong) means descending dragon. Legend has it that when Vietnam was starting to develop as a country, to help defend against invaders, the gods sent a family of dragons as protectors. These dragons spat out jewels which became the islands and by using magic, they had mountains suddenly appear in front of enemy ships. After the battles were over and the bay became peaceful, the dragons decided to stay. 

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In August we will start a new "alphabet theme" where you may choose any stamp on any theme that begins with that week's letter. This should prove less restrictive, but hopefully still challenging. Any language spelling is acceptable so we might also all get to learn a few new words!


  1. Sounds amazing and comes with romantic legend, what more could one want. The stamps make it look very peaceful.

  2. Beautiful stamps, and a fascinating place.

  3. Wonderful story and place. Vietnam is a country I wouldn't mind to visit one day.

  4. Two fine stamps from a country we used to hear so much about.

  5. Anonymous10.8.17

    Beautiful stamps, and a fascinating place.