02 July 2017

Sunday Stamps II - 133

1976, Bermuda
The Tall Ships Race that took place in 1976 during the American Bicentennial was from Bermuda to Rhode Island. The EAGLE was the only US ship in Class A. Originally named Horst Wessel, this 1936 built barque was renamed the Eagle when it was transferred from Germany to the US in 1945. It is currently used as a training vessel for the US Coast Guard.

for Tall Ships

Starting in August, we will have an alphabet theme for each week. You are invited to share any stamps from a country beginning with each week's designated letter, or showing something beginning with that letter. Any language may be used. So, 'N' may feature 'Netherlands', something orange ('naranja'), 'nautical',  an 'N tariff' on a stamp from Belarus, or even 'new' - as in a new issue, or simply new to your collection.


  1. This is the sort of stamp I was hoping to see. Hope there are more like it although I haven't anything other than a clipper ship.

  2. I love the fresh blue and white colours on this stamp!

    And such a good idea to start a serie of alphabet Sunday stamps! It will be a challenge - so many stamp themes to choose from - but also delightful and inspiring to see the other stamp lovers choices!

  3. Beautiful stamp. I'm with Heleen, the blue sky ou'd the perfect background to showcase the sails.

  4. thank you for enlightening me that some ships are actually called 'tall ships' :)
    enriched my vocabulary on some of those ship-parts too...

    beautiful stamp for today's topic, esp since in general i love white colors in contrast with blue tones :)