25 June 2017

Sunday Stamps II - 132

1967, Canada Expo 67
designer: Harvey Prosser

Expo 67 was Canada's premier celebration during its centennial year. It ran from April 27 to October 29 1967., then for a few years as "Man and His World", which was the theme. The stamp shows the Canada Pavilion which was a nine storey inverted pyramid called Katimavik - an Inuit word for 'meeting place'.  On the upper left is the logo consisting of eight pars of a pictogram of "man" with arms linked and in a circle of "worldwide brotherhood and friendship".  Expo was held in Montreal on Ile-Sainte-Helen in the St Lawrence River. It was expanded, and another island built, using earth excavated from the building of the metro. Today, these islands are called Parc Jean Drapeau (who was Montreal's mayor from 1960-86 - so during the Expo and Olympic years)

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  1. I feel lonely on here this week!
    However I would have loved to see the events in the centennial celebrations; neat stamp.