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14 May 2017

Sunday Stamps II - 126

2017, Canada, 100th Anniversary Vimy Ridge
designer: Susan Scott

This joint issue international rate stamp (France and Canada) shows the Canadian version on  the left with the French version on the right. The statues on the stamps are (left) of the Mourning Parent and (right) Canada Bereft. On the sheet is the monument (sculpted by Walter Allward) that serves as a grave marker for all 11,285 Canadian soldiers of all ranks whose bodies were never found. Also shown are the preserved trenches at Hill 45.

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  1. Very impressive stamps. I have stamps from the same era - George V who was king during WWII.

  2. From the mini sheet it looks as if the monument would be very imposing.

  3. 11,285 never found is a sobering thought, Canada Bereft indeed. I like the snaking trenching and upright monument, a beautifully composed sheet.