02 April 2017

Sunday Stamps II - 120

2009, Netherlands, Children's Stamp  surcharge
artist: Christian Borstlap

This stamp is one of a series of six for the theme "Let Children Learn" for Children's Stamp which is a charity focused on the promotion of children's eduction. I had no idea what this was meant to portray until finding this site. Each stamp offers a bit of advice with this bit of inspiration "something boring can be beautiful if you look at it upside down"

for something odd or humorous


  1. I'll take that upside down advice:) I loved the video on the link with it beautiful sentiments.

  2. I have never seen this set before - the stamps are fantastic - graphic, quirky, interesting, and with great messages. I would love to sit a group of kids down, show them the stamps and ask them what they think they are about - I bet they would do better than I did!

  3. A set with a message for us all - especially those of us who seem to wear blinkers all the time.

  4. Interesting set at the link. I'm afraid I don't have anything to share this week.