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26 March 2017

Sunday Stamps II - 119

1981, Canada,  Aircraft
based on a painting by Robert Bradford

Between 1937 and 1942, 1500 Tiger Moths were built by de Havilland. The RCAF first used this model for elementary pilot training in 1938 and thousands of pilots  would receive training during during WWII. Many remembered this plane affectionately as a pleasant aircraft to fly. This stamp shows a DH-82C in Second World War trainer-yellow flying over Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.

for flying


Bob Scotney said...

A delightful stamp and a memorable old plane.

Mail Adventures said...

A painting? It seems a picture!

FinnBadger said...

Great stamp - love the contrast of the bright yellow plane with the countryside below.

Maria said...

Thanks for the details about the aircraft!

Heleen said...

Wow, amazing! I agree that it looks like a photo instead of a painting!

Joy said...

A painting that makes one want to be aboard the tiger moth.