08 January 2017

Sunday Stamps II - 108

2012, Germany, Christmas welfare stamp

The chapel in this stamp is in Elmau/Oberbayern, Bavaria on the grounds of the Schloss Elmau.
The money from the extra n25cents postage goes to the Federal Association of Voluntary Welfare which helps low income people in need of more than what the government provides.

for winter white


  1. Nice atmosphere in this stamp! And the matching postmark is beautiful!

  2. Lovely winter stamp.

  3. That's a really nice picture on this stamp.

  4. What a beautiful scene.

  5. Beautiful, the simplicity a contrast to the hotel. The schloss photo did answer my idle wonderings of where the strange hotel room was that Obama and Merkel had their dinner photo taken recently, the library suited them better. What gorgeous settng in Bavaria.