16 October 2016

Sunday Stamps II - 96

2005, Russia, gastronomy
designer: V Larichkin

For 2005, the Europa theme was gastronomy and Russia chose to showcase a typical feast that includes a samovar with tea, a stack of blinis (pancakes) and pots of caviar. A samovar is a metal container with a spigot at the bottom and is used to heat water usually for tea. These are usually quite ornate and the older ones are prized for their workmanship. Blinis are thin, light pancakes often served covered with butter, sour cream, honey, or caviar. Blinis are often served for celebrations.

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  1. I received this stamp some years ago, but I like to read the details about it. I hadn't realised the caviar!

  2. My mouth is watering just looking at that stack of pancakes, I'd opt for the honey.

  3. Am I allowed to mix caviar with the honey. Interesting stamp details.

    1. Bob: if you so desire, go ahead!

  4. That pancake stack looks mouthwatering!