25 September 2016

Sunday Stamps II - 93

1950s, definitive Netherlands Antilles
Queen Juliana

The Dutch Antilles was established as a country in 1954 and was dissolved in 2010. It was a former constituent country of The Netherlands though all the islands that formed the Netherlands Antilles remain part of the Netherlands, but the legal status of each island differs. This stamp shows Queen Juliana, who of course, comes from the House of Orange. She reigned from 1948 - 1980.

for orange or yellow

I will be away for the this Sunday and next, so will catch up with you all in October!
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  1. A lot of orange in stamps from the Netherlands! (I hope you don't mind that I've participated twice this week...)

  2. Yes the Netherlands is definitely the go to country for orange, I nearly did their post vans but swerved off course to yellow and an island not too far away.

  3. Yes, I also associate orange with Dutch stamps. It doesn't seem to be a very popular stamps color in general.

  4. Definitives caught my attention today, but have nothing orange from the Netherlands.

  5. I've always been curious with the "orange" connection of Netherlands but haven't really read much on this topic. Thanks for the prompt. Have a nice trip!

  6. How surprising to see this Juliana stamp from the Antilles here!

    In general I am not so fond of royalty (I think it strange that people inherit the reign of a country, just by being born in a specific family, and especially I dislike the fact that in the name of (former) kings countries like ours have conquered, colonized and/or robbed from other ountries).
    However, former queen Juliana was a very friendly woman, who let herself call 'mrs' instead of 'majesty', and who (in contrary to her husband) wanted to stay close to the people and thus was a - also by me - beloved queen.

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