01 May 2016

Sunday Stamps II - 72

1953, Nigeria Tin Mining

Tin is still mined in the Jos Plateau, which is in the middle of the country, but it has been severely diminished since the discovery of oil. Up until 1960, Jos Plateau was the sixth largest producer of tin in the world. Much of it comes from the River Dilimi and Jos City was given the nickname 'Tin City'. This stamp shows a man panning for tin in the river.
for May Day workers


  1. The Queen had only just come to the throne when this stamp was issued.

  2. I like the composition of this stamp and all the little figures working away in the background.

  3. There is something very appealing about vintage stamps printed in one color.

  4. The only appropriate stamps I have I showed in Sept. 2015 - which is not that long ago!

  5. Intetesting composition of this stamp. I cannot see the Queen's portrait apart from the whole image. As if the Queen is looking in a, I don't know the right word in English, way to the hard working man.