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17 April 2016

Sunday Stamps II - 70

1968, Canada, Narwhal
designer: John Alexander Crosby

The Narwhal is a small whale that is found only in the Arctic Ocean and mainly in Baffin Bay.  Unlike some whales that migrate, these will spend the winter under the sea ice and can dive as deep as 1.5 miles. The narwhal can grow up to 16', but add to that its tusk which can be as long as 10'. They have been called "the unicorns of the sea" for their solitary tusk that is spiral. Only the males have these tusks; most have only one, but sometimes two will grow. There has been no evidence seen that this tusk is used for fighting, so it may be something to attract the females.

for mammals of the seas


Bob Scotney said...

This is the type of stamp I love to see - a creature that does not seem to get any publicity.

Regret I cannot match the theme this week - and I'm struggling for the next!

VioletSky said...

Oh dear, and I thought I was leaving lots of leeway for choices with invertebrates!
Almost all insects such as: beetles, spiders, worms, butterflies, moths, bees, coral, squid, and octopus.

Joy said...

Fascinating creatures, amazing that they spend the winter under ice.

FinnBadger said...

A stunning FDC, thanks for sharing.

Mail Adventures said...

The narwhal has always impressed me. This is a beautiful stamp.

Heleen said...

Oh, I love these pictures!
The narwhal almost has been subject of my daughter's speech at school. She finally chose another theme, but before that she has practised this speech several times at home. From that I learned that the tusk in fact is a tooth, one of the two teeth narwhals have, and usually it grows from the left one. On youtube there's the 'Narwhal song', which she played, too, and since that every time I see 'narwhal' this song comes up to mind..

Anyhow, I am enjoying this FDC a lot, thank you for sharing!