13 March 2016

Sunday Stamps II - 65

2010, Canada, Mental Health semi-postal
value .57¢ + 10¢ donation (Canada Post Foundation for Mental Health)
designer Louis Gagnon

The stamp features a mental health patient on the path towards recovery with the lines representing the plight of a troubled mind moving toward a sense of peace as they rise up the mountain. A tree grows at the summit as a symbol of growth, healing and renewal.

for health & welfare


  1. Oh, great to see this one!! I did one from the Mental Health series too, just a different year :)
    Love the initiative!

  2. I think it a beautiful stamp design! And an important issue, as I wrote in my comment to Ana's post of today.

  3. The design of this stamp is really nice and meaningful.

  4. An attractive stamp with a positive message.

  5. I agree, a beautifully designed stamp.

  6. Simple, positive and effective message.