28 February 2016

Sunday Stamps II - 63

2015 Canada UNESCO World Heritage Sites

These Hoodoos are in the badlands of Alberta. They stand about one to three metres high and are weathered stone columns with sandstone caprocks. The problem with this stamp is that the Hoodoos are not in Dinosaur Provincial Park, but are actually near Drumheller, about 165 kms to the northwest. The stamp was issued on Friday, July 3rd and by Tuesday, July 7th were recalled. All the stamps in the booklet, including the other two in the series, Waterton National Park and Wood Buffalo National Park, were destroyed. By late August the set was re-released with the correct Dinosaur Provincial Park badlands photo. 
(seen here on this PrePaid Postcard)

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  1. For a moment I though you had one of those that should have been destroyed. An impressive stamp of a World Heritage Site.

  2. I actually bought three booklets of these stamps the day they came out, so I have 5 of them (I used one on a postcard). They should be worth a pretty penny so am keeping them intact!

  3. Good purchase, the early bird and all that, an interesting story. I can just imagine all the flack they got although I think the hoodoos are worth a set of stamps of their own.

  4. Geology on a stamp! I love it, oddity or not.

  5. Always a bit embarrassing for the post office. Interesting that some choose not to correct their errors. Last year's Maya Angelou stamp has a quotation on that was not hers, yet USPS did not recall/reissue the stamp. Possibly a financial decision.

  6. I always thought that those stamps with errors were considered as something of special value by the collectors so I always wonder when such stamps are 'recalled and destroyed'...if maybe some are intentionally left for one day to be offered on the market for some ridiculously high price :)

    as for the place on the stamp...looks something worth visiting!

    1. actually, if they had been left on the market for longer and more people had bought them, the value of each 'error' stamp would be less ridiculously high.