17 January 2016

Sunday Stamps II - 57

1978 USA wildlife from Canada/US border
CAPEX (Canadian Association for Philiatelic Exhibitions)
designed by Stanley Galli

Mallards are the most widespread and abundant duck in North America and are particularly plentiful in city and suburban parks where they can be very tame. They are a dabbling duck and are known for hybridizing with other dabblers. The standard duck 'quack' is the sound of a female mallard.

for water birds


  1. Beautiful bird and a great stamp. I have ducks from the USA this week. The mallard is one that is common here too.

  2. Although common they are such pretty birds no wonder artists are fond of painting them.

  3. That FDC is beautiful. I am lucky enough to be very close to a park with ducks - fun to watch the ducklings appear every year, peep-peeping as they swim about learning to find food.

  4. I love the dynamic way they picture the duck. It's a beautiful cover.

  5. I love this theme, and the FDC and stamp are awesome!