06 December 2015

Sunday Stamps II - 51

2015, Germany for EUROPA 'Old Toys'
designer Kitty Kahane

Germany chose a drawing of a rocking elephant with a monkey riding on its back as their old toys - historisches spielreug -  for their 2015 Europa stamp. It was inspired by toys from the 1920s and 1930s.

We are coming up to the one year anniversary of Sunday Stamps II and I hope it has been a fun and challenging and interesting year for everyone. We are a small, but dedicated group and I think we have all enjoyed everyone's contributions. If anyone has any themes that you would like to see in the coming year, don't be shy and let me know. I am more of an accumulator of stamps than a collector, but I'm sure some of you have collections on themes, or countries, that I haven't thought of, or that you'd like to see repeated.  There are no hard and fast rules - anything related to the weekly theme is welcome!


  1. I've never seen a rocking elephant before - fantastic idea for a stamp.

  2. I agree with FinnBadger: I've seen rocking horses, a rocking lion and rocking sheep, but no elephant so far :-)

    A fine, colourful picture!

  3. I've discovered that there a lot of old toy stamps out there, it's a shame that I only have one or two. Didn't know that it was an Europa theme so glad to see this one from Germany.

  4. No I've never seen rocking elephant either but the Germans are great toy makers. I like the monkey riding it.

  5. I had no idea that a rocking elephant with a monkey on its back was a 'thing' until I looked up this stamp. Could not find any back story to it, though.

  6. Like you, I'm more a stamp accumulator than a serious collector. I like this one. I have some themes in my mind, but maybe they have already appeared in Sunday Stamps: cars, motorbikes, ecology, collaborations between countries, reptiles, tv, hearts, hands... Not that they are my favourites, but I have some stamps to show. I'll let you know if something more come to my mind. Again:thanks for hosting Sunday Stamps, it's really funny!

    1. thanks, Eva. this is a good list. and repeats aren't a bad thing!