10 May 2015

Sunday Stamps II - 21

50th Anniversary of the International Peace Garden, 1982
The International Peace Garden is found on the Canadian-American border of North Dakota and Manitoba and was built to represent the peaceful relationship between our two countries.
Included in the garden is a floral clock, chapel, conservatory, interpretive centre and Game Warden Museum.

for peace and unity (or a personal favourite)


  1. I like the painterly nature of the cover an of course that the peace garden is circled on the map.. I love a floral clock.

  2. Great stamp - I didn't know about this garden, so thanks for educating me.

  3. Peace Garden I can understand but surprised it's called 'International' when only two countries are involved - or am I missing something?
    Colourful stamp and FDC.

  4. The floral clock made me very curious and I google'd it! Thanks for sharing this stamp :)