26 April 2015

Sunday Stamps II - 19

issued 2013, illustrated by James Gurney

Australia has an assortment of odd looking, and dangerous, creatures. So why not dinosaurs, too?

These Australian dinosaurs featured are:
Koolasuchus cleelandi - amphibian first found in 1978 in Victoria
it was a large creature with a skull about 26" long, a body of up to 16' and weighing perhaps 500kgs
Serendipaceratops arthurcclarkei  - a mystery animal known only from a single arm bone discovered in Victoria (and named after Arthur C Clarke, a science and science fiction writer)
Timimus hermani - a theropod discovered in Victoria in 1991.
the thighbone found was 44cm which might indicate a lithe animal of 8'
Qantassaurus intrepidus - a small bipedal herbivore discovered in Victoria in 1999.
it was possibly 6' long by 3' high
Diamantinasaurus matildae - discovered in Queensland and described and named in 2009
was a large quadrupedal herbivore weighing up to 15-20tons and reaching around 50' in length
Australovenator wintonensis - a bipedal carnivore discovered in Queensland
was 6'6" at the hip and about 20' long, weighing up to 1,000kg.

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  1. I've a dinosaur sheet as well from elsewhere in the world and all different to yours.

  2. I like the sun drenched landscape which makes the dinosaurs stand out.

  3. Fantastic sheet, and not your typical dinosaurs, a refreshing change from T-Rex.

  4. Wonderful sheet. How great to have the whole sheet, not broken up.

  5. I hadn't realised Australia had their very own dinosaurs.

    As you know I have had my post ready for over a week. But today I forgot to add it to the Linky List...