08 March 2015

Sunday Stamps II - 12

unsent, 1991
Bophuthatswana, was a self-governing homeland within the 'old' South Africa of the Tswana people. Never officially recognized by any other country, these homelands were reincorporated into South Africa in 1994. Bophuthatswana was a vast territory stretching across the Transvaal to the Western Cape and bordering with Botswana (the country i originally confused this name with)

a steam locomotive, Class 6A, from the pre-union era, first run in 1896.

for riding the rails: trains and trams


  1. I like how they have shown it loaded with water and coal for the journey plus it is from an obscure stamp country superb. I always enjoy cards that show the railway workers.

  2. I had no idea that the South African homeland states issued their own stamps. And this one's a beauty.

  3. How fascinating-a stamp from a no longer existent country!

  4. Beautiful stamps!