08 February 2015

Sunday Stamps II - 8

issued 2013
for the series Historical Vehicles, theme Ships and Transport
designer: Pavel Sivko
Péčko-18 Steamboat

The widely used Péčko (or P-type for propeller type steamboats) boats were cutting edge technology of its time. They belonged to the most frequently used boats on the Czech stretch of the Vitava and Labe Rivers.

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  1. I like the perspective they use, makes me want to hop on board.

    1. I wouldn't have looked that closely at the perspective without your comment, Joy. The shop looks like it is floating in milk. A good way to focus on the subject, rather than its surroundings.

  2. I would have not looked at Czechoslovakia as a source of ship/boat stamps. The view is much more informative that a shot from the side.

  3. I rather like that. It's a nice simple design.