21 December 2014

Sunday Stamps II - 1

Sunday Stamps the second edition begins now, 
just in time for Christmas - or the rarer Hanukkah - stamps
next week, we'll continue the theme (in a way) with toys
Looking forward to seeing your selections 

these stamps from the Netherlands remind me of when I used to do my own cross-stitch embroidery


  1. Lovely stamps, they remind me of the patterns on jumpers/sweaters years ago.
    Good idea to have the themes in the sidebar.

  2. I like those intricate and cheerful designs. I echo Lisa in loving the sidebar idea.

  3. I made cross-stitch ornaments for myself and gifts one year. That was the last time I did cross-stitch--too hard on my hands. One was a reindeer pattern I copied from an old ski sweater.

  4. These reminded me of the decoration on our kitchen paper towel roll but when I checked these are much better..
    Great idea to post future themes so far in advance.

  5. Those are pretty stamps, ones I haven't seen them before. I haven't received many this year.

  6. Is it possible to follow this blog? I've tried adding the url but it doesn't seem to work, thanks.

  7. This issue with not getting a feed when you want to follow seems to stem from my accidental use of google + and google friend connect. I didn't want that, but can't find a way to change it. if anyone has any advice, please share!!. Thanks.

    1. Something you have done is working as this blog now appears in my reading list, thanks :)
      Happy Christmas to you and yours!

  8. Wow look at that theme list, food for thought. Yes Google+ is the devil's work.

  9. I like these stamps, too. The complete stamp sheet you can see at http://www.postzegelblog.nl/2012/11/18/aantrekkelijke-decemberzegels-2012-noorse-truipatronen-en-motieven/ .