10 June 2014

crossing the plains

Typifying "Mormon" Pioneers Crossing the Plains en route to Salt Lake City
unsent, circa 1946
Curt Teich Art-Colortone

The Hand-cart migration was a distinct movement in western pioneer travel. From 1856 to 1861, nearly 4000 people crossed the plains on foot. Men and women pushed or pulled their Hand-carts for 1000 miles west of the Missouri River, intent on finding a haven for religious freedom. Every company was under the direction of a captain or leader and was well organized. The Hand-cart companies brought to the State artisans, traders, agriculturalists, blacksmiths, and men learned in the professions. While the hardships were many, the Hand-cart migration stands out as one of the greatest economic and social factors in the History of Utah.
You are invited to attend Utah's Centennial in 1947.

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