29 May 2014

sunflowers and long hair

Jeune femme aux tournesols - Jules Joseph Lefebvre 1878
a French figure painter (1836-1912) 
between 1855 and 1898 Jules-Joseph Lefebvre displayed 72 portraits in the Paris Salon, 
most of them women. 
Unlike many artists, he used various models, and in many of his paintings 
the women had their long hair loose.
(they were also often nude, but that is something else altogether)
received from Germany
Sepia Saturday


  1. Quite a firm expression she has.

  2. Such stiff posture. Her expression seems to say (to me) "I'll give you five more minutes and then I'm out'a here!" Lovely painting, however.

  3. When I was searching for long hair shots on the web I turned up many nudes, many of them were most unsuitable for inclusion.
    Great painting from an artist I didn't know.

  4. A pretty painting, although somehow the sunflowers don't quite seem to fit, but perhaps she was the 19th century equivalent of a hippie.

  5. The sunflowers are an interesting and artistic touch. I wonder whether they have a symbolic meaning.

  6. That is a wonderful painting - I don;t think I have come across the artist before,

  7. Oh my, she looks so much like the young actress who plays the older daughter on Nurse Jackie.

  8. Love the colors in the painting. There is a timelessness in her look - she could pass for a "flower child" of the 1960s-70s.