15 July 2018

Sunday Stamps - 'V'

1996, Japan International Letter Writing Week
artist Katsushika Hokusai

Red Mt Fuji at Dawn,  around 1830 by Ukiyo-e artist Hokusai who was by then in his 70s. Ukiyo-e artists were well known for their wood block prints during the Edo period (1600-1868).  This stamp shows one of the '36 views of Mt Fuji', a series that shows Mt Fuji from different locations and in different seasons and weather.  Mt Fuji is on the island of Honshu and last erupted in 1708.

for the letter V - volcano

08 July 2018

Sunday Stamps - 'U'

1984, Great Britain, Urban Renewal
designer: Ronald Maddox

The stamp on the left shows Bush House at the docks on the Avon River in Bristol built in the 1830s as a warehouse for an iron foundry and later for tea. In the 1970s it was converted into an art gallery and performing arts centre and is now known as the Arnolfini. On the right, is a view of Commercial Street at the River Tay in Perth where architects have taken care to create a new housing development that harmonizes with the traditional, historical building style in the neighbourhood.

for the letter U - urban renewal

01 July 2018

Sunday Stamps - 'T'

2017, Germany, definitive 'baby animals'

Wildschwein, or wild boar, is one of the widest ranging mammals in the world and has become an invasive species in many places.  They are strong, intelligent and highly adaptable and can become quite the pests while damaging crops, eating birds eggs, and scaring of cattle. These tierkinder stamps are an ongoing series since 2014.

for the letter T - tierkinder

24 June 2018

Sunday Stamps - 'S'

2012, Lithuania, World Heritage Objects, Curonian Spit

The Kursiu Nerija, or Curonian Spit, has the largest rolling sand dunes in Europe.  It is 98 km long and  varies from 400 metres to 4 kms wide with the Curonian Lagoon on east side and the Baltic Sea on the west.  It has been a UNESCO Heritage Site since 2000 shared by Lithuania and Russia.

for the letter S - sand dunes, spit

17 June 2018

Sunday Stamps - 'R'

2003, Canada, Masterpieces of Art

Jean-Paul Riopelle died in 2002 after a successful career as a modernist painter and sculpture.  This is one of seven stamps of details of his Hommage de Rosa Luxembourg painted in 1992. It is a huge fresco (40 metres) made entirely by aerosol spray paint incorporating a succession of images of animals and nature.

for the letter R - Riopelle

10 June 2018

Sunday Stamps - 'Q'

2006 Ireland, Quercus petraea

The Sessile Oak is the national tree of the Republic of Ireland. It can grow up to 130' (40 metres) and is native to most of Europe.  Apart from being a good source of wood fuel, the timber is also used for building, cabinetmaking and veneers.  The acorns are used to fatten grazing animals in the autumn.

for the letter Q - Quercus

03 June 2018

Suynday Stamps - 'P'

1953, Canada, Polar Bear
designer: John A Crosby
engraver: Silas Robert Allen

As one of the ten stamps issued for the National Wildlife series (1953-57) this polar bear is of the lowest value. They are the largest animals in the world. The scientific name is Ursus  maritimus (sea bear) and the Inuktitut name is Nanuq (Nanuk). Two thirds of the population live in Canada, but they can also be found in Greenland, Russia, Alaska and Norway (on the Svalbard archipelago)

for the letter P - polar bear